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We Are Manifesting Our Dream of Holistic Healing!

Yes, Jenny and I really are manifesting our dream of holistic healing here at the Miwi Place !

We've imagined and visualised working together for so long. Now it's finally happening, we really are manifesting out dream ! The Miwi is synonymous with # Life Force Energy. Jenny has given me the final push to share our process in this blog. If our Miwi Place Community are interested, we envisage that this could even become a monthly blog. A sort of behind the scenes look at how the Miwi Place, and the Online workshops come together. A sneak preview about what's up and coming in terms of holistic healing in the month ahead. Talking about where we get our ideas and inspirations, and what's currently influencing our thinking.

We are so excited to get together each week ; spending the day together putting our thoughts and ideas into a sort of melting pot. Slowly the inspiration for the Miwi Place latest programs, online energy healing, guided meditations, videos, and channelled healings gradually emerges.

Jenny and I call these days together "our inspiration days". This blog is intended to give you a behind the scenes glimpse how the Miwi Place website is put together.

Jenny and I really look forward to our inspiration days, and we're equally excited to share what goes on behind the scenes with our community of like minded friends.

A sneak preview of the MANIFESTATION PROGRAM

This month we have been working on the program about manifesting.

Jenny and I have been working and developing our ideas together for the past dozen years. During that time we have probably covered every aspect of manifesting that has ever been developed.

Jenny was keen to dispel some the current myths that have been developing about manifesting, as if it's some magic potion, that is achieved by wishful thinking. Jenny was keen therefore that the manifesting program is very practical, with some basic and easy to follow steps. Nothing mystical and magical like the current trend to wrap everything about manifesting in an elite mysticism.

In our first blog we talked about how Jenny and myself have personally tried out all the processes that we are recommending. That is especially true for the manifesting program.

We are extremely proud of the Miwi Place. This has come about using all the steps described in the manifesting program. Most importantly it has come about not just by wishful thinking and an imaginary vision board, but also by focused step by step creativity and a big dose of hard work especially by Jenny who has been the initial creator of the Miwi Place.

At today's recording session, Jenny and I reflected how we are truly living our dream ! We talked about how we have finally managed to manifest our dream of working together. How fabulous to be doing the things that we are really excited about, and able to share this with like minded friends in Miwi Place Community. We hope to inspire those of you who are also perhaps also looking for an alternative way of approaching life.

We know it's hard at first to know who to trust. There's alot of hard sell out there ! Jenny and I have made a commitment to be totally honest, so you won't find any bulls**t made up stuff ! Jenny also makes me delete anything that reads like an jargonist sound bite !

This tried and tested, no nonsense approach is particularly true with this month's manifesting program. Because we're still using it, still practising it ! We've included only what we have found useful. There's alot of stuff that we've tried that's not even got a mention.

After a decade of research into manifestation, our program contains the most useful processes, the ones that get results. In future blogs we'll keep you posted about the results of our manifesting processes, but to date we're pretty chuffed with the achievements so far ! We'll even be mentioning our so called 'failures', these also part of the manifesting process.


Jenny and I try to get together as early as possible on our recording days, mainly because there is so much to fit in ! We love the energy of these days together. We talk talk talk initially ! Allowing ideas and thoughts to naturally emerge, trusting the process that whatever is important will come to the surface.

Food is an important part of our day together. Often we will eat before starting any recording. Jenny and I share the same attitude to food being vital to our health and well-being. Today Jenny made a delicious fresh salad with home-made chickpea and spinach hummus. I've since repeated this recipe for myself, but its not quite up to Jenny's standard, I need to recheck the recipe. We're considering including a whole section on health and nutritious recipes on the website.

Jenny often brings me up to speed with what happening in the astrology charts, as she follows this quite closely, and is often able to make sense of events going on in our lives from an astrological perspective. Apparently Mercury turned direct at the beginning of June, this is bringing us more mental clarity, focus and direction. With Saturn currently in retrograde, in her 3rd house, this is wanting review of all communications and focused on areas of life where she's needing to work hard. Needing to review and go over anything not finalised. Generally making everything hard work !

We finished our lunch listening to the Inner Child Meditation, which is to be included in the manifestation program. We were both able to see our Inner child and able to relate and talk about what was happening. My child, a young Anne, was about six years old, riding a bike, looking quite happy. Too busy to engage with me this minute ! Jenny's child was about eight year old, and Jenny could relate this age to events happening in her family at this age. This would be the age she would be when her younger sister was born. We have done a fair bit of work with our Inner Child over the past decade. Recently I have become increasingly aware of how influential our Inner Child is to our sub-conscious thoughts. They are really the keepers of all our programs, learned beliefs, and can be a source of great resistance to any changes we are wishing to make. I'm really pleased that we have included this lovely Inner Child meditation as part of the manifestation program.

Jenny described how she has been regularly practising Mindfulness Meditation, usually in the evening. After focusing on her breathe for 15-30 minutes, she will repeat some positive affirmations. This is when the brain is in is Theta brainwave state and at its most receptive. Jenny is practising hard to be aware of what she is thinking, consciously thinking positive thoughts. She has found that it is especially noticeable in the morning that Jenny is starting to automatically think positive thoughts and affirmations. She is aware that she has some resistance, but finding the mindful breathing and release helpful. Jenny has been very influential in including Mindfulness as an important part of the manifestation program.

I'm currently exploring Morphic fields and I described the process of this to Jenny. I started regularly playing these about a month ago. Sapien Medicine on YouTube was recommended to me, and I've also discovered Morpheus Fields. The effect is very subtle, but I described how with regular listening I'm starting to release the hold of negative subconscious thoughts. This is bringing a sense of more freedom and motivation to do things, an example might be me recently driving an automatic car for the first time !

We needed to stop talking and start recording ! Much of the work for the recording has been done in the week prior and we simply clarify the order that we are going to approach it. Jenny is the technical organiser, and sets up camera and sound before I arrive. We may feel its important to cleanse the room and our selves prior to recording, especially if we are doing any healing work.

We spend some time connecting with our Spirit Guides, our Higher Self, and Higher beings of Love and Light. We offer them our thanks for being with us. We thank them for all the support that they are offering to us. We ask that they support us in our work so that the information and what we produce is of the highest and best form to inspire those who will be watching and subscribing to our website. We are always aware of how the energy changes when we call in these positive light forces. We are very grateful how they are very supportive to us.

So that's a little behind the scenes look at our recording days ! We hope you've enjoyed reading about them as much as we enjoy producing them ! Leave any comments in the website chat if there's anything that you'd like to hear more about. Particular if you like the idea of healthy recipe section ! All our subscribers will get the benefit of our manifestation program that will be ready to be published soon. It's a great step by step guide and process. Let us know how your getting on with it. We'd love to hear all about your experiences in using it.

Before I sign off here is a little poem I wrote to my Inner Child a few weeks ago. I shared this poem with Jenny who suggested that I might include it. Perhaps your Inner Child might like it if you read it out loud to them. ;)

Well hello, and how are you today ?

Let me share with you how

special you are to me.

Yes, You !

Let me be the comfort that you

are looking for.

The support when everything

seems a bit too much.

It's all turning out ok you see,

So try not to worry too much.

Let's start to discover life


If I've ignored you for far too long,

Then I'm sorry.

You've always been an important

part of me.

Even if it seemed like I forgot.

If your willing to forgive me,

Then life can be our adventure


Through your eyes I can see more

sparkles, everything becoming

more alive and exciting.

Let's discover this life together,

It's more fun this way.

I promise never to ever forget you

my little child,

You'll be part of my every day.

Teach me to skip again, and I'll

copy how you laugh, at nothing in

particular just for the fun.

Thank you my little inner child, for

being so patient, waiting all this

time until the moment when I

woke up,

And remembered how much I love

you my little child.

How much brighter the world

already seems, now we're looking

at it together,

You and me.

In this moment.

It's ok.

It's going to be ok.

And really it's always been ok.

By Anne Caldwell.

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Thanks I enjoyed reading your blog, especially hearing how you and Jenny get your ideas and inspiration for the website. Could you post the recipe for the spinach hummus too ? A recipe section would be good I think. Will the manifestation program be included in the subscription? Thanks LoA

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