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The Miwi Place # Life Force Energy!

Renew your Life Force Energy here at The Miwi Place !

If you are looking for unique guided mediation practises and quality resources that can empower you to live a life filled with more ease, fulfilment, joy and satisfaction, then look no further than here at The Miwi Place, for holistic healing !

Jenny and Anne have more than a decade of experience in the caring professions both within the NHS and with a wide range of healing modalities. Together they practised Usui Reiki to Master Level. They are tremendously excited that this is one of the many eclectic healing modalities that is to be offered online at The Miwi Place.

Through self development work over the past twelve years, attending groups and various courses Jenny and Anne have worked together to increase their understanding, awareness and knowledge of healing power of energies such as Reiki, crystals, dowsing, working with the Higher Self and Spiritual Guides. Jenny and Anne have completed courses in Shamanic healing work, and Jenny, Spiritual Mediumship and Chakra Healing. Their interests also extend to the channelling of other energies such as the elemental and Universal Healing energies as well as Mindfulness practises.

When Jenny and Anne first started exploring healing energies together all those years ago there was very limited information available and it was much more of a hit or miss affair. How they wish there had been something like The Miwi Place with all the resources and guided practises available. These days it seems a very different scenario when there is so much information out there it can be difficult to know where to start !

So it is Jenny and Anne's intention for The Miwi Place to be a safe haven, for all those drawn to these healing modalities, either for themselves and/or wishing to share this knowledge and understanding with family, friends, colleagues and wider community. Jenny and Anne are so pleased to offer you the support of The Miwi Place, welcoming you as a valued member of this community of like-minded individuals.

Jenny and Anne are delighted to have created a video library of high calibre resources. These range from the short mindfulness clips to over a week/month long programs, that can be used by anyone. Inclusive for those of you who are perhaps starting to be open to these new energies and developing awareness of a new approach to life, as well as our seasoned pros !

Jenny and Anne have tried every healing modality featured, so it comes with a reassurance of being thoroughly tried and tested. The Miwi Place is primarily a transparent community, with the intention of being an anchor of practical processes and healing modalities, that can make a radical difference to the quality and experience of our daily life.

Just like life, this site is ever evolving, listening to and responding to the needs of its community. You have arrived at The Miwi Place # Life Force Energy !

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