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Smudging Others! A Cleansing Ritual Using Sage.

Cleansing Ritual Using Sage

Sage is an herb traditionally used in Native American culture for cleansing energy and clearing space. Smudging is one of the best ways to clear energy. Many other cultures practice similar methods to keep clear of unwanted energies by burning herbs and resins. Sage is used by many healers to bless people, places, and objects.

Smudging ceremonies are often conducted with cedar, lavender, and sweet grass because of their ability to uplift, purify, and bring positivity to the space, but the most common herb is sage. The heavy energies we collect throughout the day such as our own personal negativity, other people's unwanted energies that we pick up on a daily basis, can be dissipated using sage and other herbs.


1. Abalone shell or Heat proof bowl preferably for burning herbs or resins

2. Feather - you can get one online or you could ask your spiritual guides to send you one (keep your eyes open you will most likely get one whilst your out and about).

3. Lighter - preferably a long BBQ lighter so you don’t burn yourself whilst lighting the sage.

4. Sacred herb - have a look in new age shops or online, white sage is great but have a look around and see what type of herbs are best for you. You could try growing your own herbs to deepen the connection with the plant, and it’s better for the environment.

Open your windows before you begin the clearing so the smoke can remove the energies. Do not close windows or doors until the smoke has cleared.

Talk to the person who you are smudging, make sure you are both clear about what they want to release or bring into your life and space.

If you use guides or spiritual helpers bring them in too. Clear your mind and ask source, your guides and ancestors to assist you with the cleansing. If you do not feel the need for spiritual helpers, that’s fine too.

1. Use a lighter to light the herbs. Once the leaves catch fire, softly and slowly blow out the flame. This will cause the smoke and the herbs to smoulder, you can keep this going by gently fanning the smouldering leaves as needed, or moving the smudge stick around.

2. When cleansing another person, carefully pass the sage through a person’s energy field to clear any negative energy. Have the person stand in front of you with legs apart, arms open in a T position.

3. Move the smudge stick or sage in a gentle motion from the bottom of the person's feet to the top of their head, including legs, along each arm, under each arm and armpit. Smudge the whole body and aura. Have them lift each foot so you can direct the smoke underneath. Smudge both the back and front of the person including over the top of their head.

Let your guides and the spirit of the plant guide you. You can also smudge yourself in the same way.

Make sure to put your smudge stick out properly when you’re finished. Do not leave it burning!

Jennifer Ben-ali

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