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How To Make Your Own Smudge Stick

Building your smudge stick!

You can use whatever herbs you resonate with as long as they are safe to burn and are none toxic. You can also use flowers if you like, check the plants properties and add what is going to make your smudge stick personal to you and compliment the other plants/herbs.

Remember to let them partially dry out first as this will make the end drying time shorter. You can use fully dried herbs but they tend to fall apart easier and are harder to build with.

You will need a pair of kitchen scissors, natural string and of course your herbs.

  • First start with a clean area that has enough space for all your tools.

  • Make sure you have your dried herbs, flowers or plant.

  • Cut the branches of the plant material you are using into 7-10 inch lengths. Don’t worry if you have herbs smaller in length you can place these in the centre.

  • Measure a piece of string (any natural non plastic string will do) cut the string to 4 times the length of the cut branches.

  • Start to build your stick up, keep the longer stalks for the outside (build to your desired thickness).

  • If all your herbs are the same length just bundle them together however you want them.

  • With the stalks of the branches at the bottom, start wrapping the string tightly around the base of your bundle and tie a knot.

  • Then wrap the string around the bundle working you way up to the top. (firmly holding the plant material together).

  • When you reach the tip, fold over the herbs at the top of your bundle. Wrap the string around the top and begin working your way back down toward the base.

  • Tie the string in a not at the base.

  • Trim any leaves off that are sticking out to tidy up your smudge stick.

Jennifer Ben-Ali

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