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Benefits Of Smudging

What are the benefits of smudging and why should I incorporate it into my practice?

The aura around us, as well as the energy in our environment can become stagnant and blocked with negative energy (positive ions) that can make us feel fatigued, sluggish and burnt out. Burning sage or other herbs can neutralise the charge by releasing large amounts of positive energy (negative ions) into the atmosphere around us clearing and cleansing. This means that our own energy, and the energy around us, will feel lighter, clearer and able to flow more effectively.

The link will give you more information on positive and negative ions. https://www.quantumbalancing.c...

Burning sage can increases clarity and awareness, heightens wisdom, improve mood and enhance memory and quickens the senses.

Smudging purifies the air due to the release of negative ions and can eliminate bacteria due to its antiseptic qualities which can last up to 24 hours. In addition to bacteria, smudging can help clear the air of pollen, pet dandruff, dust, mould spores and other potential allergens to improve allergy symptoms.

Smudging produces negative ions which can help improve sleep patterns, also have positive effects on regulating serotonin production.

Cleansing objects - not only can smudging cleanse a room, it can cleanse objects and places too... Whether they are old or new. You can smudge the object by allowing the smoke to pass over It.

Remember good ventilation will help clear it so that it doesn’t affect you or your environment.

Using the most important thing, your INTENT of course!

Jennifer Ben-Ali ​

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