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The Importance Of Regular Energy Cleansing

Our beliefs, fears, emotions, thoughts, or everything that makes up who we are, are constantly emitting various energetic vibrations.

Energy bodies constantly change and evolve, emitting different vibrations or frequencies. However, if we mostly live in fear or negativity, that is what we will most likely radiate. We will radiate love, acceptance, and peace if we are mostly in a state of love, acceptance, and peace.

So when you are exposed to energy that feels negative you can remove it by smudging and using your intention.

Regular cleansing used with clear intent can be used as a tool to help you become more aware of what energies are yours and what energies you may be picking up from others. Over time you should be able to feel the difference between your own energy and an external energy, with a little work of course.

I also feel that It is highly important to get to know your own energy, you can do this through meditation or simply sitting within your centre and feeling or sensing the energy within and around your body (Being in your own internal environment/being in your body.)

Remember that all these tools are to help us focus our intent and learn about ourselves.

Jennifer Ben-ali

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