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Back In The Body

Centering is an extremely important skill for energy workers. It’s simply focusing your energies and bringing your energy back to your centre.

This is the meeting ground for all your energies. It is usually in the abdomen area (sacral chakra) or heart (heart chakra) area.

Centring also brings you back into the present, the hear and now. The other way to put it is that it brings your awareness back to your own body and out of your monkey mind!

Often our mind, emotions, and energies are scattered all over the place ! Our thoughts are usually ruminating on what needs to be done during the day or future events and our energies are usually on our worries and concerns.

Parts of our energies could be stuck in the past with an event that took place when we were younger.

Centring yourself or your energy into the here and now will help you in daily life by calming your emotions, slowing your mind and your breathing to a point where you become more aware of what is going on in and around yourself without getting caught up in your own thoughts.

It enables you to be alert & calm at the same time. It is useful for daily life but especially important when doing energy work.

After all, if there’s more of you present, you have more to work with!

Centring exercise

Locate your Sacral Chakra (abdomen), which in centring is visualised as being about two inches below your navel.

Breathe in and out deeply, at least four times, continue to concentrate on your centre and feel the sensation of being stabilised and centred, feel or imagine all of your energies coming back to your centre.

Sometimes it helps to place your hand on your abdomen area and feel it rise and fall.

As you breath in your abdomen should extend, breathe out and it should contract.

Practice this technique until you feel relaxed, calm and centred.

There are many ways to bring your energy back or centre yourself. Just taking a few deep breaths can help.

Meditation is also a powerful discipline for teaching yourself how to stay focused, just concentrating on the breath will help you centre, relax and release tension or blocked energies and emotions.

Mindfulness Practice

1. Sit in a comfortable position, somewhere you will not be distributed.

2. Bring your awareness to the breath, take a few deep breaths.

3. Do this until you feel relaxed, then breath normally.

4. Bring your awareness to the body, observe any sensations, emotions and thoughts without judgment. Do not become focused on these sensations, simply let them flow.

5. If you feel you are getting caught up in a train of thought, simply bring your awareness back to the breath.

6. Continue the practice and remember this is just that, a practice.

Do this for as long and often as you need to. Regular practice is important for wellbeing.

Jennifer Ben-ali

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