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" Dem Bones"

As always I went through the routine of space clearing, asking for Divine protection, bringing in the guides and put on the drumming beat. I assume a comfortable position, then I start...

Walking towards the large leafless tree, I notice my guide waiting there. On closer inspection he didn't look like my usual wolf guide but a man in a wolfs skin, " WEIRD" I thought. I quickly realised it was the same guide, except he had morphed into a wolf-man. As usual he did not speak, by this point i was used to it and I knew to just follow him. So off we went down into the huge tree !

Very quickly we landed at the bottom of the tree ! As soon as my feet touched the ground I could see a gleaming white light at the end of what looked like a large tunnel, slowly we walked towards it. Upon entering the light, I could see a figure waiting... He was extremely tall with white hair, ''Oh My God! It's BRAD PITT'' I thought, obviously it wasn't ! Anyway, he wore a long blue gown and had the most beautiful white hair that looked like it had been blow dried to within an inch of it's life !

Myself and my guide had started to walk slowly towards him and of course my guide had decided to morph back into wolf form, obviously so I could do the talking and look like the idiot. At this point in the journey I felt completely ecstatic and amazed, who was this being ? All I could feel was peace, bliss and a feeling of unconditional love. It was amazing!

Next thing I knew we where walking along a corridor of light, like you do! The being with the white hair said ''Would you like to change anything?'' Then held out a scroll, I was given a golden pen and asked to jot down a few changes that I wanted to make to the original contract. So that's what I did (Not telling you what the changes where though.)

After what seemed like ages of mind paralysis ! What did I want to change, what was important and what wasn't ? My guide beckoned me further down the corridor, once we got to the end: we ended up coming out at a campfire with lots of other creatures and beings of all descriptions. I could have been on the set of Star Trek for all I knew.

Another one of my guides was there, he is very witch-doctor looking, longish black unkempt hair, white tribal markings, a slight build with bones through his nose. When this guy comes into my journey he means business. Put it this way, when he arrives something crazy is about to go down!

So anyway, I'm sat around the camp fire and he walks up to me and grabs my arm. "Oh god" I thought. He just made a loud sighed and rolled his eyes, then I was taken away from the group. Suddenly my chakra's started to light up, brightly swirling anti-clockwise. The witch doctor plunged his hands into them pulling out bones ! Yes BONES !! Then an elderly women who looked rather pissed off may I add, started to crawl out!!! This continued for around five minutes: then just stopped! Everyone just continued chatting, laughing and joking... They either didn't see what had just happened or it was a normal occurrence in this part of the woods.

After the Journey I felt immediately different, lighter somehow. It always amazes me how powerful the journey is.

Jennifer Ben-ali

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