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This healing meditation was designed as a healing session from a  higher intelligence. This higher intelligence may be known as sourse, or the universe, you may have your own prefered name for this energy.


Distance energy healing can be used to help send healing vibrations across space and time and is said to be more powerful than than hands on healing. This energy healing can be done by yourself through guided meditations like this.


Guided meditations and visualisations can help bring you into a relaxed but aware state of being, this gives you space to attract what you want out of life.


Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax, follow along with this healing meditation.


*This meditation is not a substitute for professional medical or counselling advice*


*Please do not listen to this mediation whilst operating machinery or driving a vehicle. This track is best listened to with headphones*


Guided meditation - healing from a higher intelligence

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