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Guided spiritual journey to reclaim soul fragments and reclaim your personal power!


This soul retrieval journey will guide you to those parts of your soul that have fragmented during times of shock and trauma, allowing you to reclaim them and heal.


You will be taken into a deep state of relaxation that will help you release stress and tension enabling you to make the most of this journey.


Guided meditations and visualisations can help bring you into a relaxed but aware state of being, this gives you space to attract what you want out of life.


Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax, follow along with this healing Guided Visualisation.


*This meditation is not a substitute for professional medical or counselling advice*


*Please do not listen to this mediation whilst operating machinery or driving a vehicle. This track is best listened to with headphones*

Otherwise sit back relax and follow along!


Guided Soul Retrieval Journey - Reclaim your spiritual power! (Free Download)

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  • Mp3 audio file

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