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Guided shamanic journey to meet your spirit animal


Take this short guided journey to meet your power animal.

Once a connection has been established with your power animal they can accompany you on future journeys for protection, power, wisdom and guidance.


The power animal is a guide who is also known by other names such as: spirit helper, spirit ally or animal guide.


You can have more than one and they may change as you evolve, they may also come in as a certain animal to give you a message and bring in some balance, healing or teach us about ourselves.


Look up the symbolic meaning of your power animal. What qualities, traits, habits and behaviours do you share at that time?


Guided meditations and visualisations can help bring you into a relaxed but aware state of being, this gives you space to attract what you want out of life.


Get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and relax, follow along with this healing journey.


*This meditation is not a substitute for professional medical or counselling advice*


*Please do not listen to this mediation whilst operating machinery or driving a vehicle. This track is best listened to with headphones*





Guided shamanic journey to meet your power animal for protection and power

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