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Guided Shamanic Journeys

Embark on a guided shamanic journey to explore the hidden realms of your subconscious and unlock your own personal power. Our Shamanic Journeys are a safe and supportive way to explore the deeper realms of the self and uncover hidden wisdom. Experience the transformative power of the Shamanic Journey as you connect with the spiritual realms and receive guidance and healing from your spirit guides. Unlock your personal power and open new doors of creative potential through the transformative power of the Shamanic Journey. 

We provide downloadable and purchasable recordings of our journeys in our online shop!

Journey to the upper worlds for healing

Journey to the upper worlds for healing

Take a journey to the upper worlds for healing. 🔽 MP4 Video available to download £2.99 or download Audio MP3 from the 'Miwi Store'. Welcome to this guided meditation for healing and transformation. In this practice, you will be taking a journey to the upper worlds - a realm of higher consciousness and vibrational energy. As you begin, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax into a state of calm and openness. Visualize yourself rising up through your Axis Mundi, a vertical channel of energy that connects you to the divine. As you ascend, you enter a corridor of light, surrounded by a sense of peace and serenity. At the end of the corridor, you meet a divine being - perhaps an angel, a spirit guide, or a higher self. This being welcomes you with love and compassion, and begins to cleanse and upgrade your energy system. You may feel a sense of warmth or tingling as old patterns and blockages are released, and new frequencies of light and love are integrated into your being. As you continue your journey, take time to explore the upper worlds and connect with the high-vibrational beings who reside there. You may gain insights, receive guidance, or simply bask in the beauty and wonder of this realm. Remember that there are no rules or expectations - simply allow yourself to surrender to the experience and enjoy the journey. When you are ready, slowly return to your physical body, carrying with you a sense of peace, healing, and transformation. Support this channel #Shamanicjourney #Guidedmeditation #Meditation #visualisation #healing #energyhealing Headphones recommended. ©All rights reserved. Written and narrated by Jennifer Ben-ali. Royalty Free Music by
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