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Manifest Abundance And Law Of Attraction

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In this workshop we will look at what Manifestation is, and how you can take practical steps to help reach your goals, this is done through the process of Identifying what's holding you back, utilising mindfulness practices, guided meditation, practical manifestation tips and more... The Workshop Will Cover: • What Is Manifestation • Examples Of Resistance To Manifestation • Overcoming With Mindfulness • Resistance Of Inner Child • The Importance Of Gratitude In Manifestation Practice Steps To Manifestation • Keeping A Morning Desire Journal • Getting Clear • Everyday Mindfulness • Gratitude Journal & Tips • Everyday Positive Affirmations • Goal Setting Visualisation and why it matters •How visualisation can help you manifest •Different ways to visualise •Different Brainwave frequencies •Guided visualisation meditation Course Completion •Course Summary •Thank you learning styles Printable Course Workbook (PDF), Online Video Lectures, Assignments and Guided Meditations. This workshop has over 90 minutes of step by step video content for you to follow. The purpose of this workshop is to assist you in reaching your goal!

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