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Universal Star Energy Attunement

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The Universal Star Energy Attunement is an interesting and powerful spiritual practice. It provides a gateway to various energies from the Cosmos, allowing you to intuitively channel the energies needed for healing and transformation. The Universal Star is said to act as a filter, attracting different energies towards it and then safely channelling them to you. While attuned to the Universal Star energy, you may experience healing benefits, upgrades to your energy system, as well as downloads of inspiration and spiritual awareness. The Universal star attunement can offer a transformative and enlightening experience. The Universal Star is an intelligent energy that works for the highest and greatest good of the receiver. Get the Universal Star Energy Attunement today! What the Attunement covers: What Is The Universal Star What To Do After My Attunement Foundational Knowledge: Unleashing The Power Of Energy Healing The Luminous Energy Field: Light's Role In Life The Chakra System: A Journey Through Energy Centres Channelling Energy: A Healing Journey Centring and Grounding: Stabilise Ones Energy Psychic Protection: Shielding with Light Energy Healing: Healing Yourself and Others Unveiling the Guidance of Archangel Zaphkiel Day 1 Universal Star Attunement DAY 2 Universal Star Attunement DAY 3 Universal Star Attunement The Group Thank You! Specifications: This Attunement is for beginners or people interested in different forms of energy healing . This Attunement will run over 3 days.

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